We specialize in repairing these appliances – washer, dryer, dishwasher, cook-top, microwave, trash-compactor, refrigerator, freezer, ice-maker, oven, stove, garbage-disposal, central A/C and heating.

Yes, that is one of our specialties.

We travel throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County areas, but there are places that might be a little too far for us to go. If you feel you may be too far away, please contact us so we can let you know if we can service you or not.

We can do our best with older appliances, but we want our customers to understand how the industry works. There comes a time when we cannot get parts for certain older units anymore. We will do our absolute best to repair your unit, but we will also be honest with you when we simply do not have the parts to do a proper repair.

We offer free estimate if we do the repair. If you just want to have an estimate, there will be a service fee. Service fee gets waved with repair.

We are a professional company with administrative cost to run a business, with expenses such: insurances, licenses, liabilities, advertisements, gas, receptionists, office and much more. Professional-delivered service is never free. You get what you pay for!

We don’t give an estimates over the phone because we are professional company, we do not simply guess what a problem is without doing physical inspection of the unit, without inspection there is a very high chance of misleading the customer.

The only time we could give an estimate over the phone, if customer submits already written estimate by a licensed company. Also we will bit price of any written estimate by a licensed company.

Anywhere from 1 month to 1 year depending on a type of repair and a type of replaced component or a part. Technician will let you know in details after he finds out what repairs or services have to be done.

We don’t charge by the hour, we have flat rate pricing. Mobile professional service companies don’t charge by the hour. When charging by the hour, a service company can be penalized if their service rates are not adjusted as technicians become more proficient in their work, completing repair faster. Flat rate pricing also covers overhead cost of doing business. Flat rate pricing used average service times, a more accurate way to calculate the labor cost for specific repairs.

All major credit cards (visa, master card, discover, AMX) check, cash, money order. We do not do billing yet.

Yes, most repairs/services are done the same day. Technicians do carry most parts in their trucks. If part is uncommon we get most parts next day unless its a special order. Technician will give more details once research on part is completed.

its very convenient to get it repaired the same day, saves you time from going out and shopping for a new unit, saves you on installation and delivery cost. About 95% of the customers who use us, do get their appliances repaired than buy a new ones. Also, new appliances are not build as well as old ones, its better to repair existing appliance, because in most cases repaired old appliances do over-last brand new ones. If unit is under 20 years old in most cases its better/cheaper/convenient to get it repaired.

We are mobile repair/service company, conveniently come to you and get repair done at your location. We don’t accept/receive appliances at our shop, we only provide mobile service. We cover most Inland Empire and most Orange County. We have multiple locations, are technicians spread throughout Inland Empire and Orange County. Our headquarters location is in Riverside.

For most appliances and brands our service fee is only $35, there are some exceptions. Service fee includes: our trip to your location, full inspection of your unit and written estimate on the repair. Also if you decide to go with repair of your unit, then service fee simply goes towards the repair cost.